CWMALLS World Sports Sharing And Review Series – Celtics’ Enes Kanter recorded a career-high six blocks and immediately got drug tested two days later

On New Year’s Eve, the Boston Celtics traveled down to Charlotte and took care of the Hornets, running away in the fourth quarter for a comfortable 109-92 win. The result wasn’t surprising considering the talent gap between the two teams, but if you just scanned the box score after the game, you would have raised an eyebrow at the number in the blocks column for Enes Kanter.

The big man recorded a career-high six blocks on the day to go along with 13 points and 14 rebounds in one of his best performances since signing with Boston in the offseason. Six blocks in one game is impressive for anyone — only four players have had more in a game this season — but especially for Kanter considering his reputation on that end of the floor.

In fact, just a few years ago, when Kanter was playing so poorly on the defensive end during a playoff game that Oklahoma City Thunder head coach Billy Donovan leaned over to his assistant, Mo Cheeks, and said, “can’t play Kanter.” Getting a bunch of blocks doesn’t automatically mean you’re a good defensive player, but for a guy like Kanter it’s certainly still surprising.

Even the NBA couldn’t believe it happened, because according to Kanter, they showed up to drug test him just two days after the game.

Your initial thought might be that this is just a funny coincidence, but not so fast. This isn’t the first time this season that a player has had a shocking play or performance and then got a visit from the drug testers. Back in November, Los Angeles Lakersswingman Danny Green soared in for an incredible put-back slam and immediately had to take a test.

At the time, I joked that the league has a special task force to test players who do things they aren’t expected to, but maybe it isn’t a joke? Anyway, this is all pretty funny.



Sources from: CBS Sports

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